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A nice sweet house is any one’s dream. To make that dream come true, you require a trustworthy partner for your assistance. My reference is to people in and around Wennappuwa, Dankotuwa, Nattandiya and Mahawewa areas. Who is able to assist you to build a house? Are you going to a private company, are you going to old mason or carpenter? Here are some tips for your records!

Private Company Mason or Carpenter
We offer a plan drawn by expert architects free of charge. Therefore you are free from drawing a plan of your own.
Foundation details and eng ineering design for sound, wire mesh foundation provided free of charges. Therefore your costs will not depends on the masons knowledge & experience.
Our workers are regulary supervised and the building materials are correctly used. A mason is not supervised and therefore there is waste of materials & time. Your are just pleased but cheated.
As we use only standard & quality materials, the masonary and timber work will provide a good finish to your dream hosue. Mason and their assistants will work at ease wasting materials and time. They are free to do whatever they like and will not do anything free of charge.
Payment are made for square foot & therefore the workers have a better incentive to perform well. The masons and carpenters knows by experience that the house owner is not interested in measuring the house at the time of payments.
There is an agreement between us. We are bound to perform well according to that agreement. As there is no agreement signed, the workers are free to do wharever they like. Wastage is unaccountable. They will not do anything free of charge.

How do you choose the correct company to build your house?

Samagi Estates and Finance (Pvt) Ltd
Samagi Home
About others
We cater to your requirement and needs and draw our plan. You will get an old plan with a few alteration done here and there.
We are concerned about the lighting sorrounding vegetation of the land. It may be just by reference to a pre drawn plan book without proper understanding of the site venue.
Our plan could be readjusted from time to time according allowcated to fees & your varied future requirement at no extra cost. Have to incure extra cost to do any adjustments.
We do not build houses anywhere and every where in the island. They accept to build any where and every where without an arranged work schedules as long as money is concerned.
We do not add transport & other miscellaneous expenses incurred from time to time to your actuals bills. They will definitely require you to stand these costs & make you uneasy at times.
We make soil tests and lay the foundation accordingly. Except for few people, others promise to build in no time and within a few days.
We at samagi homes, do not have any sub contractors and no commission involved. Always there will be sub agents for different types of work and the outcome may not be so rosy as you may think.
We assure quality materials, most our own products whereever possible and perform according to agreement. As there are sub contractors work preformed will be of low quality.
We do not accept projects any where at ramdom or many projects at one time. Masons and carpenters will accept contracts every where which they cannot fulfill in time.
We would refund the money if the required material allocations are missed even for a single iron bar.  
We do not believe in high propaganda, but our clients speak of our performance with other people. Other building institutions go for big propaganda as they don’t have a good demand for contruction.
Samagi homes goes a long way slowly and steadly. We don’t hurry things, but build quality house to make your home.  
We have good stocks of raw materials that any scarcity of building materials will not hinder our performance.  
About Us

Samagi Group is located in Wenappuwa, Sri Lanka. We undertakes all type of constructions including all commercial and residential. We have been in this business over decade.

Careers with Samagi

Our projects tell the story of our success over the last 15 years. If you want to be the best at what you do and to work on projects you can be proud of, a career at Samagi could be for you.Please submit your CV to info@samagihomes.com

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